Fine Arts

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My daughter is an artist. Shouldn’t she attend a public school?

A common question we hear is what opportunities are there for the arts? In our schools, there are plenty! While the specifics vary throughout our schools, you might find art classes, band classes, choir classes, music classes, worship teams, or more!
We put on musicals, plays, choir concerts, art shows, and more!

Watch this space for more info about the arts at GPCSN schools!

Sports at Christian Schools?

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Have you ever thought, “My children want to play soccer and volleyball, so I have to send them to the public school”?

A common myth about Christian education is that we do not have opportunities for athletics. This is untrue!

Most Christian schools have competitive sports! In fact, in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, there’s even a sports league available for Christian Schools, called SWCAC. And some of our schools have sports teams in WPIAL–the same league you’d find in the public schools!

Having smaller schools can actually improve your child’s chances of playing on a team.

And our schools often make it to, and win, playoffs! Or even championships!

There are plenty of good reasons why your local public school might be your best fit, but athletics might not necessarily be one of them!

Using Your Library for Audiobooks and Ebooks

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Car rides make for EXCELLENT family audiobook listens!

Do you know about these FREE ways to listen to audiobooks?
If you have a Carnegie Library Card, Allegheny County Library Card, or a Beaver County Library Card, you can access Overdrive to borrow from a large selection of audiobooks! Search your library’s catalog for available audiobooks (or e-books). You can place a hold on a book to request it, or check it out if it is available. Then you can download it and play it on your phone!

And getting audiobooks or ebooks from Hoopla is even easier! Once you sign in with your library card, you can check out 7-10 books a month! These books are always ready to be checked out (you do not have to wait for them to be available!) and they can stream from your device or be downloaded to it! There are a ton of choices between Overdrive and Hoopla! And if your local library doesn’t have the ebook or audiobook you are looking for, all Pennsylvanians can get a Free Library of Philadelphia Card and get electronic books from them, too!