Cheswick Christian Academy

Basketball Playoffs!

ball on hoop

GPCSN in the SWCAC League:

Cheswick Christian Academy Middle School Boys end the regular season in first place. They’ll play 4th place Central Christian Academy in the quarterfinals. Winner of that game will play the winner of the matchup between Cornertstone Prep and Beaver County Christian School on Wednesday or Thursday. Winner of that game will advance to the championship at BCCS on Saturday, February 26 at 3pm.

Cheswick Christian Academy Varsity Girls end the regular season in third place. They’ll play their quarterfinal game at Beaver County Christian School on Monday, February 21, 2022 at 7pm against Jefferson County Christian. Winner of that game advances to the semifinals on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 @ Cornerstone Prep at 5pm vs Plants and Pillars Homeschool. Winner there advances to the Championships Saturday, February 27, 2021 at Beaver County Christian School at 5:15 pm.

Cheswick Christian Academy Varsity Boys end the regular season in second place. They’ll play their quarterfinal game at Portersville Christian School on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 7pm. Winner of that game advances to the semifinals on Thursday, February 24, 2022 @ Portersville Christian School. Winner there advances to the Championships Saturday, February 27, 2021 at Beaver County Christian School at 7:15 pm.

Trinity Christian School Middle School Girls end the regular season in second place. They play in their quarterfinals Monday, February 21, 2022against Plants and Pillars Homeschool at TCS at 4pm. Winner of this game advances to the semifinals on Wednesday or Thursday at the higher seed’s home gym (TBD). Winner of that game plays in the Championships on Saturday, February 26 at BCCS at 1pm.

GPCSN in the SWPAA league:

Trinity Christian School Varsity Girls end the regular season in fifth place. They play in the quarterfinals Monday, February 21, 2022 against Calvary Chapel at BCCS at 3pm. Winner of this game advances to the semifinals on Wednesday at 5pm, also at BCCS. And winner of that game goes to the Championships Friday, February 25 at Cornerstone Prep at 6pm.

Trinity Christian School Varsity Boys end the regular season in first place. They earned a first-round bye and will jump right to the semifinals on Wednesday at BCCS at 6:30pm, opponent TBD. Winner of that game moves on to the Championships at Cornerstone Prep at 7:30pm on Friday, February 25.

GPCSN Recognized for Supporting School Choice

As Pennsylvanians, we appreciate the ways our state recognizes school choice. One way PA helps Pennsylvania’s children is with the EITC! Watch the video to learn more. This is a program that could help your child attend a private school OR a way you can help create private school scholarships if you owe PA income tax! Go here to learn more!

Alum in the News!

Alumni News!

Cheswick Christian Academy alum Ben Pollock is playing great basketball at Chatham! He’s averaging 10.4 points, 7.9 rebounds and 2.4 blocks. Earlier this season “he went for 25 points — his career high was a 30-point effort last year against Waynesburg.”

Photo credit to Jeanine Leech. Thanks to the triblive for the stats! See more stats here!

And check out Chatham’s schedule to catch a game nearby!

Christian Education Positions Open

Our schools are located throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area and accept applications for substitute teachers all year—and we have a few other job openings! Follow the links to learn how to apply!

Penn Christian Academy in Butler is accepting applications for substitute teachers.

Trinity Christian School in Forest Hills is accepting applications for elementary teachers and substitute teachers.

Pittsburgh Urban Christian School in Wilkinsburg is accepting applications for the following part-time positions: Admissions Coordinator, Coordinator of Student Services, and Financial Secretary.

Greater Works Christian School in Monroeville is accepting applications for elementary teachers and substitute teachers.

Cheswick Christian Academy in Cheswick is accepting applications for a part-time Spanish teacher and a part-time literature teacher and substitute teachers. Contact them with your information.

GPCSN Giving Tuesday Opportunities

Love Christian education? Partner with us for #GivingTuesday! Every one of our schools works very hard to keep tuition as low as possible! Our schools are thousands to tens-of-thousands of dollars less expensive than many of the non-Christian private schools in the Greater Pittsburgh area, while giving students great educations in wholesome, loving, safe environments!

Here are ways to give to any of our wonderful, deserving schools!

Cheswick Christian Academy
Your gifts can become scholarships with the Tom Mellars Scholarship Fund!

Former CCA student Jamie Aiken has initiated the establishment of a scholarship fund* in memory of Thomas Mellars. Tom was with the school at its inception in 1978, and served faithfully until 1983 when he unexpectedly died on the job of a sudden heart attack. Jamie Aiken’s generous gift, and all other donations to the fund, will be applied to the tuition accounts of current students experiencing financial hardship. Go here to give!

Greater Works Christian School
Your gifts help students year round!

Did you know that tuition covers only sixty percent of our operating expenses? This funding gap must be made up through fundraising and donations to our school. Please consider joining the many school families, alumni, churches, businesses, and friends who support Greater Works Christian School. Go here to give!

Penn Christian Academy
Every gift to Penn Christian Academy makes a difference!

Your donation helps fuel our mission and your gift makes a difference each day in blessing the lives of our students and teachers. Through your partnership, our students are equipped to KNOW who God is, LEARN about God through creation, SERVE as Christ did, and LEAD others to Christ. Go here to see different ways to give!

Pittsburgh Urban Christian School
Special Opportunity: Donor matching gifts to Pittsburgh Urban Christian School!

Thanks to an anonymous donor, all #GiveBig donations will be matched as part of a challenge grant we received!
Your generous gifts help us expand our academic programs, improve our facility and provide scholarships for children from low-income households. Go here to give!

Trinity Christian School
Special Opportunity: Donor matching gifts to Trinity Christian School!

A generous donor has committed to match the first $50,000 in donations! When you contribute to our endowment, you’re building up a resource that will work hard for our students and will bolster the stability of our school. Our goal is to achieve $50,000 by the end of the school year, which will turn into $100,000 because of our donor match! Together, we can move the TCS Endowment closer to the million dollar mark, achieving one of our long-term goals for the fund. Go here to give!

The H in Pittsburgh and the G in Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network

You might notice that some of our logos just say Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network while other of our artwork says Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network. The why is probably pretty obvious: As an organization we realized that we represent towns from all over the GREATER Pittsburgh region. In fact, while students who live in the city definitely do attend our schools, even using their school’s school buses, we currently have no school in the city! Christian schools surround the city! Some are pretty close to city borders, like Pittsburgh Urban Christian School in Wilkinsburg or Trinity Christian School in Forest Hills, and some reach students from further north or east like Cheswick Christian Academy and Greater Works Christian School. And finally, Penn Christian Academy in Butler and Beaver County Christian School reach even further north (and east or west, respectively) into Butler and Beaver County and beyond! If you live in or near Pittsburgh, there is a Christian school for you!

But what about the name Pittsburgh? Why the H?

On November 27, 1758, British General John Forbes sent a letter to William Pitt telling him that a city had been named for him: Pittsbourgh. Prior to that, the French had claimed the area and constructed a fort at the point where the three rivers meet, which they named Fort Duquesne. In 1758, they burned Fort Duquesne as they were being forced out by the British, and the fort that would replace it, which we can still visit as a museum, is still called Fort Pitt.

In 1891, however the United States Board on Geographic Names, in an attempt to standardize addresses, declared the -h to be dropped at the end of -burgh names. Fortunately, Pittsburghers mainly refused to use the new official spelling. Eventually on July 19, 1911, the board restored the official name to Pittsburgh to appease the masses. Yay!

NCSAA Track and Field Championships

Beaver County Christian School, Cheswick Christian Academy, and Trinity Christian School track teams are competing today at Geneva College in the NCSAA Track and Field Championships.

You can watch the Livestream here:

And follow the results here:

*photos by Evelyn Etheridge

Churches Partnering With Parents

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

Psalm 78:4

As Christians, we all know what we are supposed to do: raise up the children in our homes and our churches in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The question becomes, how? We know pastors preaching the word faithfully is of utmost importance. But for the children in your church, school takes up most of their time. Beyond Sunday, how can the church best help her families who choose public school, home school, or Christian school?

If you have children in your church who go to public school, the church can equip those families with assistance throughout the week. Maybe you could supply your parents with devotionals, or serve the kids with youth groups, small groups, after-school tutoring, and more. Maybe your church could pray regularly for the schools in your neighborhood. Or maybe churches could step in and help families move on to homeschooling or Christian schooling if their public school isn’t the best fit!

Perhaps your church already has some homeschoolers. There are a lot of ways you could help here, too. Perhaps you throw social events in your fellowship hall (swing dancing, anyone?) or educational seminars in your auditorium. Or you offer your building affordably — or free — for co-ops to meet there regularly. Maybe it’s as simple as connecting a child who would love to learn to sew with a woman who could teach it. Maybe the budget is extra tight for a one-income homeschooling family and your church can purchase some books — or start a church library for all of your children.

And perhaps your church has children who go to Christian school — or some who would love to. While Christian schools are often the first choice a lot of parents would make, like homeschooling it is not always the easiest choice financially. Perhaps this is one great place where the church can really help. I know some of our students attend churches who give scholarships to any member’s child who wants to attend Christian school. Maybe your church could do that: Count the children of your church — how much could you afford to give toward each of these children’s education, even just for next year? A couple hundred dollars? Five hundred? A thousand? MORE? Or maybe your church wants to choose a nearby school to adopt — your church could pray regularly for this school and your members could surprise teachers with encouragement: Donuts. Lunch. Books. (This works also for public schools! But I am thinking about the smaller salaries many Christian school teachers accept as part of the many efforts to help keep down tuition for students.) Or perhaps you have a great gym, soccer field, or bus (and a licensed bus driver in your congregation) that you could share with a school. Buses cost a lot of money for schools to transport kids to sporting events! This might be something a church would never think of, but it could be a huge blessing to the kids in your congregation and their schools!

There are challenges to all three types of schooling and there are many ways churches can support all parents. These are just a few. If you have any other ideas, leave a comment for all to see and consider! Or leave a comment about successful ways your church already partners with parents — you just might help other churches look at this in a new way!

And if you are a part of a church in the Greater Pittsburgh Area seeking new ways to support Christian education, contact us if you would like to be connected to a Christian school near you!