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School buses come to our schools!

Q. When does a public school district have to provide transportation to a
nonpublic school?

A. When a school district provides transportation for its public pupils, it must
provide transportation services to nonpublic pupils of the same grade level
that it is providing for its own pupils. The nonpublic school must be nonprofit
and located within ten miles of the district’s boundary, measured by the
nearest public road. If the school building in which the pupil is enrolled
is not located within the ten-mile distance, the nonpublic pupil is not eligible
for transportation, nor are his parents eligible for payment towards
transportation costs.

Q. Is the local school district that transports my child to a nonpublic
school required to transport her on days when the nonpublic school
is in session and the public school is closed?

A. Yes, unless the closure is due to weather conditions.

GPCSN Recommends: Pittsburgh’s Urban Impact’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Urban Impact’s Shakes

Urban Impact’s Performing Arts department presents Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This fusion of faith and theatre puts a new spin on the Shakespeare classic. The 90-minute film mixes Shakespeare’s iconic text with original music and student testimonies.

The digital download is only $10 and worth every penny! One GPCSN family called it “the most understandable version ever,” and they’ve watched DAME HELEN MIRREN’S VERSION.

In this family-friendly film there is no dumbing down of the bard: The direction, acting, music, and setting bring Shakespeare’s original language to life for a 21st Century audience.

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