Myths About Christian Education


I live in a good school district. Shouldn’t I take advantage of all the good the world has to offer?

Western Pennsylvania is blessed to have many school districts who emphasize academic excellence. And in every school, there are good teachers. There are probably even teachers who love the Lord at every school.

What they do not have is the freedom to tell the complete truth.

All truth is God’s truth. If something is true, it is true–regardless of who is telling it! But sometimes, and we all know this, truth is incomplete. If your chemistry teacher knows the periodic table of elements like the back of her hand, but doesn’t know who created those elements, she will understand the world differently than the teacher who knows both the elements and their creator.

While your child will study the elements in any chemistry classroom, in a Christian school, your child will see that these elements display God’s goodness and glory in creating such an amazing world full of such treasures as gold (79Au), platinum (78Pt), and silver (47Ag).

We do know that there are reasons that for some, their public school really is the best fit for their child. But if this is not true of you, check out one of our schools. You can use our map to find a school whose teachers want to help your child understand the creation and love the Creator. If you think a Christian school might be a good fit but are afraid you cannot afford it, there are scholarships and/or financial aid opportunities at our schools.

Fine Arts

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My daughter is an artist. Shouldn’t she attend a public school?

A common question we hear is what opportunities are there for the arts? In our schools, there are plenty! While the specifics vary throughout our schools, you might find art classes, band classes, choir classes, music classes, worship teams, or more!
We put on musicals, plays, choir concerts, art shows, and more!

Watch this space for more info about the arts at GPCSN schools!

Sports at Christian Schools?

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Have you ever thought, “My children want to play soccer and volleyball, so I have to send them to the public school”?

A common myth about Christian education is that we do not have opportunities for athletics. This is untrue!

Most Christian schools have competitive sports! In fact, in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, there’s even a sports league available for Christian Schools, called SWCAC. And some of our schools have sports teams in WPIAL–the same league you’d find in the public schools!

Having smaller schools can actually improve your child’s chances of playing on a team.

And our schools often make it to, and win, playoffs! Or even championships!

There are plenty of good reasons why your local public school might be your best fit, but athletics might not necessarily be one of them!