Use Your Income Tax Costs to Help Create Scholarships!

You do not have to have children at our schools in order to help Christian education! If you owe PA income taxes, you could be using that money to give scholarships to kids who cannot afford private education.

The Details:
Citizens who owe state income taxes can designate their Pennsylvania State tax dollars towards our schools’ financial aid programs! You qualify if your individual or combined PA tax liability is $3,500 or more.

The EITC and OSTC tax credits were created by PA legislature to provide tuition assistance in the form of scholarships for income-eligible students.

You can contact any of our schools and they will help you add to their financial aid program.

To see if you may qualify to donate your state tax liability to a Christian school instead, find your PA tax liability on Form PA-40 Line 12 of your most recent tax return. If you owe $3500 or more, you qualify!

Here’s a video explanation!

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