Fall Conference Recommendation

The CiRCE Institute is hosting Restoring The Likeness, a virtual conference Thursday, October 15, 2020 – 11:00AM to Saturday, October 17, 2020 – 5:30PM. I have attended their conferences in real life, and nothing beats those, but I did attend their Summer virtual conference and found it to be as good as it gets as far as virtual seminars go! I highly recommend this conference for Christian teachers and Christian parents who are interested in Christian thinking about culture and education, or those who enjoy contemplating “the importance of paying attention to the right things (the True, the Good, and the Beautiful).” You do not need to be a teacher to enjoy this conference!

This Fall Virtual Conference is available with a donation of whatever size you feel you can make. You can go here to register and I hope to “see” some GPCSN faces on the zoom screen!

Take a look at the currently confirmed talk titles by Christian thinkers and educators to see if there are any topics that interest you!

• Andrew Kern: On Earth as it is in Heaven
• Matthew Bianco: Becoming Future Kings: How T.H. White and Homer Teach us to Grow
• Heidi White: How Where We Live Makes Us Who We Are
• Dr. Zena Hitz: Images of Learning
• Jessica Hooten Wilson: As Humans
• Dr. Hans Boersma: Learning by Heart? Restoring the Likeness through Memory
• Josh Leland: 10,000 times, and then begins understanding
• Dr. Anika Prather: The Great Books: A Polaris for the African American People
• Dr. Carol Reynolds: The Creation of Art from Chaos to Form
• Joshua Gibbs: The Classical Christian War on Competence
• Martin Cothran: Narrative Wars: The Battle to Determine What Story We’re In

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