GPCSN Recommends: Shaw and Chesterton—A play about the complicated friendship between G.K. Chesterton and George Bernard Shaw

Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network Director Jessica Brown attended an education conference this summer with The CiRCE Institute. One of the highlights from the conference was the play Shaw and Chesterton written by Tim A. McIntosh (playwright, actor, educator, podcast host, and more). She liked it so much that after she watched the rehearsal, she went to the play, went to the play again, and returned to Pittsburgh and bought the video that was only available to conference goers.

Now that video is available for purchase for everyone until August 25, 2021!

The play is about the complicated friendship of Christian, G.K. Chesterton (creator of Father Brown), and Atheist-turned-Mystic, George Bernard Shaw (playwright author of Pygmalion which was made into the movie My Fair Lady). As one viewer says,

The idea that we can be ideologically worlds apart but still maintain respectful debate and even remain dear friends is a pretty important message right now.

Beth Pitman, Christian Educator

And not only is the message important, the play is good! (Sometimes you have cheesy art with an important message or good art with a terrible message. This play is first a great play.)

The play was so good that while it was scheduled to show only once to just a roomful of attendees, after watching it, CiRCE decided to add an encore performance on the final night of the conference—on the main stage, open to all. One speaker at the conference, Greg Wilbur, church musician and president and dean of New College Franklin (a Christian college GPCSN wholeheartedly recommends), called it “a wonderful and insightful play.”

Really if you are interested or involved in Christian education, you should follow The CiRCE Institute for more, but at least go buy the video—pay-what-you-want ($5, $50, $5,000?) and proceeds split between The Circe Institute + Tim A. McIntosh. The video is available to purchase through August 25. Once purchased you will be sent a link and password to the video. The link does not expire and you can watch it anytime.

This play definitely earns the GPCSN stamp of approval!

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