A Bookish Podcast for Kids Who Love Books (or for those of us who want our kids to love books!)

Goldberry Studios, creator of Close Reads (the best online bookclub and discussion podcast on all of the internet), has a BRAND NEW podcast for kids! It promises to be part nonsense/part bookclub, with book discussions, author talks, family-friendly jokes, game show bits, and more.

Hosts David and Graeme are deeply involved in both books and Christian education and they are trustworthy! This fun podcast definitely gets the Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network stamp of approval!

Their first guest is S.D. Smith, author of The Green Ember series with its famous rabbits with swords! (This is a beloved series with some of our Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network families!)

This summer, if you are looking for something for your kids to listen to–or something to listen to with your kids–check out Withywindle!

It is going to be so good.

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