2020-2021 SWPAA All-League Selections

Trinity Christian School and Beaver County Christian School players have made it to the All-League Selections!
Every year the coaches vote on the top 12 players in the league. Below are this year’s SWPAA Girls and Boys All-League Selections. Each player will receive a medal recognizing their accomplishments. Congratulations!

Emma Shashura, Calvary Chapel 49 points MVP
Brooke Morgan, Beaver County Christian 47
Hannah Calderar, Nazareth Prep 41
Morgan Kost, Trinity Christian 36
Courtney Wilson, Hillcrest Christian Academy 31
Felicity Bryant, Hillcrest Christian Academy 28
Janai Green, Propel-Montour 27
LaRae Butler, Nazareth Prep. 25
Olivia DeSarbo, Beaver County Christian 25
Kahrijah Washington, Propel-Montour 20
Hannah Cramer, Calvary Chapel 16
Jonna Oree, Nazareth Prep 11

Sam Fabian, Hillcrest Christian Academy 46 Points MVP
Jesse Van Wyk, Redeemer Lutheran School 43
D’Andre Cole, Calvary Chapel 35
David Blackburn, Trinity Christian 32
Aaron Powers, Hillcrest Christian Academy 32
Christian Loewe, Redeemer Lutheran School 22
Keith Merritt, Trinity Christian School 18
Clay Dean, Calvary Chapel 14
Grant Witterman, Beaver County Christian 12
Nathan Flick, Beaver County Christian 11

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