Christmas Read Alouds

With news coming from the Governor’s office today with some potential celebration limitations, Christmastime might look different for a lot of our families this year. If you’ve never read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, it is a very sweet story that might lift some spirits or, at least, offer a few laughs. A bit of cheer seems welcome this year as we’re trying to keep Christmas Christmassy!

You can borrow an audiobook or an e-book from Hoopla if your library uses Hoopla. (Many of our libraries in the area do!) (Here’s a post on how-to-hoopla if you need it!)

Here’s where you can borrow the audiobook to stream or download onto a device.

Here’s where you can borrow the e-book.

And here’s a review from Christian Children’s Book Review to see if the book sounds like a good fit for your family. My family has read and enjoyed it many times, but every family is different! This site does a good job mentioning any objectionable material. (It’s not frequent and is treated as a negative, but you know your children best!)

Happy Reading!

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