Christian Community and Where to Find It

The local Christian school isn’t the same thing as the local church, but the believers there are a part of the Church Universal.

As believers, we are best suited to living life in community with other believers. For this reason, many of us look for ways to be together more than just on Sunday mornings. We have fellowship dinners, youth groups, Bible studies, ladies’ brunches, men’s lunches, Christmas parties, and Easter teas. We invite one another into our homes and our hearts. We walk and talk and sing and pray together. We serve each other and we love one another.

For those of us with school-aged children, one more way we invite our children into a life of community is through their daily education. We might homeschool and find Christian friends to meet with throughout the month. We might public school and send our children to a before-school Bible study. And finally, we might send our children to Christian schools where their teachers, classmates, coaches, and more are united in love for Jesus.

The necessary thing is to live in community with other believers, the Church. Thankfully, there are many ways to find fellowship for ourselves and for our children. Any one of these ideas (or others I haven’t mentioned) might be the best fit for our children. I personally have experience as a homeschooling mom–filling our weeks with activities with Christian friends–and as a Christian-school mom, where the fellowship opportunities come a bit easier. And even in my public high school as a Christian high schooler myself, I remember finding before-school Bible studies to attend.

While fellowship may not be all of our main concerns when considering school choices, it is a valid concern. If you have been looking for daily Christian fellowship like what is found in our schools, please reach out to us.

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