NCSAA Track and Field Championships

Beaver County Christian School, Cheswick Christian Academy, and Trinity Christian School track teams are competing today at Geneva College in the NCSAA Track and Field Championships.

You can watch the Livestream here:

And follow the results here:

*photos by Evelyn Etheridge

Trinity Christian School WPIAL Individual Championships Results (Someone’s Going to States!)

On Wednesday, May 19th Trinity Christian School’s Track and Field sent seven athletes and an alternate to the WPIAL Individual Championship at Slippery Rock University. The athletes had to earn a spot in their regular season to compete in this regional Championship–and here they competed for a spot at the state PIAA Championships, which will be held May 28 at Shippensburg University.

Senior Michael Ifidon took third place with a time of 11.40 in the 100m (1/4 of a lap around a track) to earn a spot at State Championships!

Freshman Joshua Maurer took seventh place with a time of 52.10 in the 400m (1/4 of a mile or 1 lap around the track)!

The 4X800m Relay Team was made up of freshmen Anderson Beck and Nathan Fu and sophomores Zeke Sams and Benjamin Gaunt (with junior Tommy Nelson as an alternate). The 4X800 Relay is a race where each person on a team of four runs two laps (1/2 a mile) before handing off the track baton to their next teammate who then takes off for his two laps, until the fourth runner finishes the race. Their time was 9:13.14 and they placed eleventh.

Senior Brett White in Discus threw for 126-01.00 and placed tenth.

If you’re curious about the times and distances for the entire Championship, go here!

Trinity Christian School Varsity Track and Field at WPIAL Individual Championships Today, Wednesday, May 19

A few of our schools belong to several sport leagues–different ones for different sports. For Track and Field, many of our junior highs and senior highs belong to SWCAC. However, Trinity Christian School belongs to WPIAL. WPIAL is the biggest league in Western Pennsylvania and the one that is a part of the PIAA, the biggest league in all of Pennsylvania.

Trinity Christian School competes in WPIAL against public schools and a few other private schools.

In Track and Field, Trinity joins Clairton, East Allegheny, Neighborhood Academy, Riverview, Shady Side Academy, and Springdale to make up the AA Section 4.

For Individual Championships, WPIAL accepts the top 16 players from each section in each event. The Trinity students who are in that top 16 and who are competing in the WPIAL Individual Championships today are as follows:

  • 100m  Michael Ifidon
  • 400m Joshua Maurer
  • 4X800m Relay (Anderson Beck, Zeke Sams, Nathan Fu, Benjamin Gaunt, Alt: Tommy Nelson)
  • Discus Brett White

    These athletes have been coached by veteran coaches David Jones and Jim Hommes, and assistant coach and TCS alum, Noah Smith. You can find these Championship-attending athletes listed in the WPIAL Track and Field Digital Program. And you can follow the scores live here! For more information about the Championships, start here!

    Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network is extremely proud of these young athletes and we wish them all the fun and success today!

One newsworthy note about one of those Championship goers: This year against Shade Side Academy, Senior Brett White not only took first place by throwing the discus 135’03.00,” but also broke his own school record by 23 feet.
Thanks to TCS for the graphic!

2021 Mini Meet at Beaver County Christian School

On Monday, May 17, Beaver County Christian School hosted a track mini meet at Geneva College with four middle school teams: Beaver County Christian School, Trinity Christian School, Redeemer Lutheran School, and Rhema Christian School. The weather was perfect and the runners and fielders were on their game!

For Boys, the two Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network teams placed first and second: Beaver County Christian School took first place and Trinity Christian School took second!
For Girls, Rhema took first place and Beaver County Christian School took second!

Some highlights:

First place in the girls 1600 (that’s a mile!) was Trinity Christian School’s Eilidh Edgar, whose time was 6:23.84!
Second place went to Alyson Stepp from Rhema (6:34.65).
Also placing from GPCSN, Beaver County Christian School’s Ella Michalik took third with 6:40.91 and Joy Detrow took fifth.
Our girls had a great race!

For the Boys 1600, Beaver County Christian School had an amazing showing! First, second, and sixth places all went to BCCS brothers, first place Eli Bosch (who ran a mile in 5:35.86!), second place Ty Bosch who ran his mile in 5:40.44, and sixth place Jonah Bosch who came in at 6:18.78! BCCS had one more runner placing, Rocco Desarbo in fourth at 5:48.43.

Trinity Christian School also placed in the Boys 1600. Tobey Brown came in third at 5:41.00 and Silas Bolen came in fifth at 6:18.71!

You’ll also see a lot of Greater Pittsburgh Christian Schools Network Representation in the hurdles:

320.752Rachel Baird (BCCS)
420.531Ella Michalik (BCCS)
521.564Millie Francona (BCCS)
623.94Anika Van Wyk (RLS)
722.756Tabby Hogan (Rhema)
322.91Anna Witterman(BCCS)
421.785Alaina Desarbo(BCCS)
5Sydney Vescio(BCCS)
621.473Mimi Chamberlain(Rhema)
122.314Jonah Bosch (BCCS)
231.00Luke Volger (TCS)
329.81Jake Miller (TCS)
421.753Ty Bosch (BCCS)
520.311Eli Bosch (BCCS)
621.372Luke Schellhase (TCS)
723.255Isaiah Galvas (TCS)
824.226Kian Wilsey (BCCS)

The other GPCSN first and second places of the day:

100m Girls
Rachel Baird (BCCS) took second place with a time of 13.93

100m Boys
Robert McMahan (BCCS) took first place with a time of 13.05
Nahum Fu (TCS) took second place with a time of 13.94

4x100m Boys
BCCS (Rocco, Tyler, Nolan, Robert) took first place with a time of 55.72

400m Girls
Zephaniah Scott (TCS) took first place with a time of 1:03.69
Eilidh Edgar (TCS) took second place with a time of 1:08.62
400m Boys
Nolan McKinney (BCCS) took first place with a time of 1:03.66
Luke Kost (TCS) took second place with a time of 1:05.69
800m Girls
Elilidh Edgar (TCS) took first place with a time of 3.01.69
800m Boys
Rocco Desarbo (BCCS) took first place with a time of 2:37.21
Eli Bosch (BCCS) took second place with a time of 2:41.50
200m Girls
Zephaniah Scott (TCS) took first place with a time of 28.10
200m Boys
Robert McMahan (BCCS) took first place with a time of 27.16
Liam Birchler (BCCS) took second place with a time of 30.07

4x400m Relay Boys
Silas Bolen, Tobey Brown, Isaiah Galvas, and Luke Kost (TCS) took first
BCCS took second

SMR: 100/100/200/400 Girls
BCCS Girls took first with a time of 2:14.93
SMR: 100/100/200/400 Boys
BCCS (Rocco, Tyler, Nolan, Robert) took first with a time of 2:08.84
BCCS (Liam, Eli, Ethan, Josiah) took second with a time of 2:11.50
Triple Jump Girls
Julia McChesney (BCCS) took first
Ella Michalik (BCCS) took second
Triple Jump Boys
Robert McMahan (BCCS) took first
Andrew Kickasdola (BCCS) took second

Long Jump Boys
Robert McMahan (BCCS)took first
Liam Birchler (BCCS) took second

Discus Boys
Mike Lanigan (BCCS) took second

Shot Put Boys
Nolan McKinney (BCCS) took second

TurboJav Boys
Nolan McKinney (BCCS) took first
Mike Lanigan (BCCS) took second

There’s one more big invitational coming up on Saturday, May 22, where these two schools (as well as Cheswick Christian Academy) will face each other again! Have fun at the NCSAA Track and Field Championship!

*Stats from Beaver County Christian School Athletic Director

2021 SWCAC Invitational Results and Record Breakers

SWCAC sent our athletic directors a wrap up from the invitational on Tuesday, May 11 at Geneva College.
Beaver County Christian School had five record breakers and Trinity Christian School had one as well!
See here for all the results!

New Records Set:

Junior High Girls
100m Hurdles-Lara DeFazio, Rhema 13.68
400m Relay-Rhema 1:00.31
1600m Relay-Rhema 5:03.78
Long Jump-Lara DeFazio, Rhema 15’1″
High Jump-Lara DeFazio, Rhema 4’6″ tied Piper MacFarland
Shot Put-Ruth Bartley, Plants and Pillars 32′ 3.5″
Discus-Juila McChesney, Beaver County Christian School 64″

High School Girls
100m Hurdles-Aubrey Rorick, Plants and Pillars 17.52
1600m-Jenna Hartman, Plants and Pillars 6:11.31
Sprint Medley-Beaver County Christian School 2:14.19
3200m-Jenna Hartman, Plants and Pillars 14:00.29
1600m relay-Plants and Pillars 5:09.43
800m-Jenna Hartman, Plants and Pillars 2:48.56
Triple Jump, Ann Marie Jerome, Plants and Pillars 30’5″
High Jump-Emma Shashura, Calvary Chapel 4’6″
Discus-Hannah Mastro, Robinson Twp. 83’3″

Junior High Boys
110m Hurdles-Nathaniel Smauss, Robinson Twp. 18.88
1600m-Tobey Brown, Trinity Christian School 5:46
400m Relay-Plants and Pillars 54.35
800m-Rocco DeSarbo Beaver County Christian School 2:36.05
1600m Relay-Plants and Pillars 4:31.66
High Jump-Rocco DeSarbo, Beaver County Christian School 5′

High School Boys
110m Hurdles-Aiden Rorick, Plants and Pillars 16.75
1600m-Amos Ramsey, Plants and Pillars 4:44.65
400m-Amos Ramsey, Plants and Pillars 53.19
300m Hurdles Aiden Rorick, Plants and Pillars 46.26
800m Amos Ramsey, Plants and Pillars 2:10.09
3200m- Julian Kroger, Beaver County Christian School 11:50.55
1600m relay-Plants and Pillars 3:55.66
Triple Jump-Amos Ramsey, Plants and Pillars 37’4.5″
High Jump-Aiden Rorick, Plants and Pillars 6′
Discus-Jadon Ruby Calvary Chapel 110″

Churches Partnering With Parents

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

Psalm 78:4

As Christians, we all know what we are supposed to do: raise up the children in our homes and our churches in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The question becomes, how? We know pastors preaching the word faithfully is of utmost importance. But for the children in your church, school takes up most of their time. Beyond Sunday, how can the church best help her families who choose public school, home school, or Christian school?

If you have children in your church who go to public school, the church can equip those families with assistance throughout the week. Maybe you could supply your parents with devotionals, or serve the kids with youth groups, small groups, after-school tutoring, and more. Maybe your church could pray regularly for the schools in your neighborhood. Or maybe churches could step in and help families move on to homeschooling or Christian schooling if their public school isn’t the best fit!

Perhaps your church already has some homeschoolers. There are a lot of ways you could help here, too. Perhaps you throw social events in your fellowship hall (swing dancing, anyone?) or educational seminars in your auditorium. Or you offer your building affordably — or free — for co-ops to meet there regularly. Maybe it’s as simple as connecting a child who would love to learn to sew with a woman who could teach it. Maybe the budget is extra tight for a one-income homeschooling family and your church can purchase some books — or start a church library for all of your children.

And perhaps your church has children who go to Christian school — or some who would love to. While Christian schools are often the first choice a lot of parents would make, like homeschooling it is not always the easiest choice financially. Perhaps this is one great place where the church can really help. I know some of our students attend churches who give scholarships to any member’s child who wants to attend Christian school. Maybe your church could do that: Count the children of your church — how much could you afford to give toward each of these children’s education, even just for next year? A couple hundred dollars? Five hundred? A thousand? MORE? Or maybe your church wants to choose a nearby school to adopt — your church could pray regularly for this school and your members could surprise teachers with encouragement: Donuts. Lunch. Books. (This works also for public schools! But I am thinking about the smaller salaries many Christian school teachers accept as part of the many efforts to help keep down tuition for students.) Or perhaps you have a great gym, soccer field, or bus (and a licensed bus driver in your congregation) that you could share with a school. Buses cost a lot of money for schools to transport kids to sporting events! This might be something a church would never think of, but it could be a huge blessing to the kids in your congregation and their schools!

There are challenges to all three types of schooling and there are many ways churches can support all parents. These are just a few. If you have any other ideas, leave a comment for all to see and consider! Or leave a comment about successful ways your church already partners with parents — you just might help other churches look at this in a new way!

And if you are a part of a church in the Greater Pittsburgh Area seeking new ways to support Christian education, contact us if you would like to be connected to a Christian school near you!

GPCSN Represented at the 14th Annual Robinson Township Christian School Invite

Cheswick Christian Academy, Beaver County Christian School, and Trinity Christian School faced each other and several other schools at the first big invitational of the season on May 1, 2021.

See here for the results! These teams hope to meet each other again a few more times this Spring!

Notable news for GPCSN: Beaver County Christian School middle school boys took first place in that division! And their high school girls took second place that division!

Trinity Christian School Teacher Positions Posted

Trinity Christian School is hiring for the 2021-2022 school year.
Interested candidates should visit the employment page and apply today.

Elementary Teachers
High School Spanish Teacher
High School Biology Teacher

Experience in a classical Christian school would be a benefit.
Background check required.

Contact Vicki Smith at (412) 242-8886 or email

Trinity Christian School
299 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221 
Phone: (412) 242-8886

Private School Tuition Scholarship Opportunities

The Best of the Batch Foundation provides students with scholarships for private school tuition.
Their deadline for submission is April 16, 2021. Find the here! applicationh

P.S. They also have college scholarships for high school seniors!

POISE Foundation has regularly awarded funds to our students. There are two separate programs available through POISE, both of which require online applications. These programs are the K-12 Scholarship program and the Opportunity Scholarship Program.

The submission deadline for POISE is May 15, 2021. You can get information regarding these programs here!